The Matrix Reloaded (in Qlik) – Part 2

In the first part of this blog series, we sourced and processed movie scripts for the entire Matrix Trilogy in QlikView.  We then used Qlik Web Connectors and the Aylien Sentiment engine to get Sentiment and Objectivity scores for every passage of the dialogue across the trilogy.  Excellent progress so far, but what’s next? Download

Enter The Matrix (Part 1)

Update: Part 2 of this series now available here! For a long time now, I’ve been a big fan of The Matrix Trilogy by the Wachowski brothers.  The Matrix especially is a movie that sits near the top of my all-time movie lists.  I figured it was about time I dug into the movies in

A New Adventure – DataGlow IT

Taking a Chance I’m sure most people have experienced a time in their life where the timing just felt right to do something.  For me, one of those moments came along in the last year or so.  I saw an opportunity to reach out and go for it into the world of consultancy and being

Sensify Your CV (Part 2)

Update: The final part is now available here! In Part 1 of Sensifying your CV, we created an underlying data model for our Qlik Sense app based on our CV.  We also started to create a navigational structure to move around our app easily. So, onwards! Creating Master Items for Nav buttons First thing is

Sensify your CV (Part 1)

Update: Part 2 is now available here, and the final part is here! I’ll start out with the obvious plug – i really hope you’ll share (buttons at the bottom) or follow my blog, just check out the sidebar for that 🙂  Or hook me up on Twitter or LinkedIn.  Appreciated.  Now, down to business… The other