Can’t Stop the Feeling…

A few months ago, I was lucky (??) enough to take my kids to go and see the movie Trolls,  and witnessed two of the most insanely annoying characters possible lodging deep into my psyche for several months thereafter in Branch and Poppy.

Still with me?  Good.

If you are, you’ve inevitably also been subjected to “Can’t Stop The Feeling” literally thousands of times since, and despite being that “No WAY am i dancing to Justin Timberlake!” dad, every morning my kids pull me up (yeah, that’s the story i’m sticking with) and we end up doing karaoke around the kitchen with reckless abandon.

I digress, but the point (yes, there is one) is that my resistance to JT kinda feels like my resistance to starting this blog – it’s been in my brain now for longer than i can really remember, and slowly it’s worn me down to the point where i just Can’t Stop The Feeling!

So, it’s time to finally put all of the moral lessons dolled out by DreamWorks into action.  Hopefully, my passion for Qlik translates into something that somebody might find useful.

I have loads of things whirling around, and over the next week or so, i’m hoping to actually translate that into a real blog post.  If you correlate that to work, you might find my first topic interesting.  After all, wouldn’t it be nice to present your CV in a way that shows off your wondrous skill levels in Qlik Sense?  Well, over the coming weeks, let’s see what we can do.


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