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Taking a Chance

I’m sure most people have experienced a time in their life where the timing just felt right to do something.  For me, one of those moments came along in the last year or so.  I saw an opportunity to reach out and go for it into the world of consultancy and being my own boss.

Realisation of a Dream

And well, today that ambition of mine was truly realised.  Today, i officially launched my new company DataGlow IT (www.dataglowit.com).  I have been working incredibly hard in the background to time everything to coincide with the ongoing Qlik Qonnections world conference in Orlando, which i’m lucky enough to be attending.  Although it’s a brand new experience having to fund it myself also!

Introducing – DataGlow IT

Today’s been crazy, and i’ll be honest with you – i binned off a session to be writing this. But i don’t regret it.  I’m still recovering from the thrill of this morning. Namely, seeing my extension, along with branding for my company presented by Qlik VP of Products, Anthony Deighton on stage at Product general session.  I have no words to describe how i feel that this happened!

DataGlow IT Qonnections

My Qlik Sense Beeswarm extension, DataGlow IT branded, and presented  by Anthony Deighton at Qonnections General Session.  Wow, tell me i’m not dreaming!

Meanwhile, in the background, I’ve been preparing my website specifically to be ready for Qonnections.  I had a funny conversation with Qlik Dev Relations dude Brian Munz about late-night-hacking-on-the-night-before-a-presentation syndrome, and it was kinda the same for me.  But we’re all up and running now and i’m truly proud of that.

DataGlow IT homepage

DataGlowIT.com is alive!

Qonnections has only just begun, but it’s been just amazing so far.  A more comprehensive blog post to come for sure, but now, it’s back to the pool.

P.S. I actually mean heading back to find out about the Picasso.js visualisation library Qlik is open sourcing, the pool is only wishful thinking.

Find me at DataGlowit.com

Anyway, if you think it might be cool to work together, head over to DataGlow IT and contact me.  Or just Tweet me if you’re in Orlando right now anyway 🙂

Until the next Qonnections update, remember to makeitqlik!


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