Qonnections 2018 – Disrupt Everything (1)

Disrupt Everything

Last week, i was lucky enough to attend my 5th Qlik Qonnections.  Attending this time, i felt that Qlik had to prove themselves more than ever than in previous years.  The Core (groan, tell you later!) message of the conference was “Disrupt Everything”, which in most ways, was in line with the recent structural overhaul internally within Qlik.  Things look very different to a few years ago, as many of the Sales and Marketing colleagues that we used to deal with have gone.  Coupled with the recent departures of key figures such as long-time CEO Lars Bjork and VP of Products Anthony Deighton, it’s reasonable to ask the question whether the DNA of Qlik itself is changing?

Is Qlik “Disrupting Everything” too far within it’s own inner circle?

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